Deep Dive 2: Data for Social Change

February 14th, 2017

On 14 February 2017, RNW Media and the PeaceTech Lab convened a group of leading technologists, researchers, analysts, and practitioners from the academic, nonprofit, and private sectors to discuss the uses of data for social good. Over the course of the day, the group discussed case studies from locations as diverse as Haiti, India, the United States, Mexico, Ghana and Nepal, and issue areas ranging from government waste to pharmacy practice, violent extremism to data literacy. Key themes emerging from the discussion included incentivizing data collection; interaction with local communities; conceptualizing impact; media applications; and capacity building. After summarizing these findings (without direct attribution, per Chatham House rules), the report closes with the participants’ predictions, concerns, and hopes for the future of data for social good.

Download the extensive report here: Deep Dive Data for Social Change Report.