Deep Dive 1: Yemen

November 1st, 2016

In light of the complex ongoing war in Yemen, RNW Media and The PeaceTech Lab convened a group session to share experiences and thoughts on what can be done. Researchers and representatives of NGOs, funders, and government agencies with experience and interest in Yemen came together in a 5-hour roundtable on 11/1/16 to discuss current conditions, activities, and possibilities for peacebuilding and humanitarian work in Yemen. After reviewing the current conditions on the ground, the group discussed their current activities in humanitarian relief, development, conflict resolution, and countering violent extremism—as well as prospects and challenges for future engagement.

Key takeaways included that all work on the ground must focus on “ultra-local” modes of operations; access is extremely difficult; the media scene is underdeveloped and fragmented; and financial instability is a major issue. At the same time, attendees agreed that there are several avenues with great untapped potential, including local government, the private sector, and a large youth population eager to improve their quality of life and contribute to their communities. The report reviews these findings in further detail, then notes possible areas for future discussion.

Download the extensive report here: Deep Dive Yemen Report.