Deep Dive Series

Exploring how innovative uses of media, technology, and direct engagement can accelerate positive social change, counter radicalization and build peace.

Save the date, 6 December 2017, for the next Deep Dive on Media Sustainability and Media Literacy

- Washington DC

Deep Dive Series

Deep Dive: "a technique to rapidly immerse a group or team into a situation for problem solving or idea creation ... often used for brainstorming product or process development."

RNW Media and the PeaceTech Lab are partners in organizing the deep dive series. The deep dives aim to discern how innovative uses of media, data, and technology in fragile and failed states can accelerate positive change and build peace. Unlike traditional government and think tank forums, RNW Media - PeaceTech Lab events engage not just researchers and analysts but also fellow NGO practitioners, CSO representatives, technologists, funders, and donors. Together they probe a given country or problem set, delving into case studies, operational challenges, and best practices to explore tangible, practical action steps.

Next Deep Dive on December 6:

Media Sustainability and Media Literacy - Washington DC

RNW Media and the PeaceTech Lab share the belief that professional independent media are critical to sustaining peaceful and prosperous societies, and are concerned about the growing threats to fact-based information and free expression and the media organizations that support them, particularly in repressive and conflict-torn societies.

On September 19, RNW Media and the Lab convened an inter-disciplinary group of media capacity-building organizations, media operators, experts, and funders to take an in-depth look at media capacity-building in today’s global media environment. They took stock of what media operators most need, gaps between those needs and capacity-building support, cooperation among capacity-building organizations, and funders’ perspectives and priorities.

There were numerous important threads of that discussion. Two issues particularly stood out. One was media sustainability – the need for specialized training and other assistance that could help media operators stay in business. As one prominent practitioner put it, “Training of journalists is critical, but it goes for naught if the businesses they work for cannot keep the lights on.”

The other issue that stood out was media literacy as a response to the global epidemic of disinformation (“fake news”), contributing to the decline of confidence in media. Media literacy is critical in its own right but also linked to sustainability. Diminished media credibility can lead to loss of audience and advertising revenue.

On December 6, RNW Media and the Lab will address these two issues in greater depth, in round two of the media capacity-building conversation, reconvening and expanding to the prior group.

On sustainability, the sequel will address pressure points and problems, new business models and case studies (success stories), business entrepreneurship training, content and distribution partnerships, and the role of technology in both driving and inhibiting sustainability.
On media literacy, the discussion will survey the extent of the disinformation problem worldwide, examine the efficacy of media literacy efforts to date (both formal and informal), look at new, innovative approaches, and consider the requirements to educate media so they in turn can educate their own audiences on media literacy.

The deep dive is a facilitated conversation within the whole group. Speakers' comments are tight (5-7 minutes) discussion drivers as opposed to speeches or PowerPoints. Each session has built-in discussion time.

Please find/download the draft agenda here.

  This Deep Dive is being organised in collaboration with RNTC.

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